Ways to be a more Sustainable Traveler

Tourism can act as a vehicle for positive change. Tourism can not be completely sustainable but the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment can be done or simply we can say we can be a responsible tourist. Some of the main pillars of sustainable tourism are, Employing environmentally friendly practises such as Reduce, Reuse & Recycle; Protecting cultural and natural heritages(restoring historic buildings or saving endangered species) and providing tangible social and economic benefits for local communities.

Some of the things travellers can do to ease impacts on the planet are as follows;

1)Say no to plastics -The use of plastics should be minimized. The use of paper products can be implemented. This helps in reducing carbon pollution.

2)Support real local economy – Buying more locally made items and crafts are always cheaper and it also ensures your contribution to economy and provides a positive impact.

3)Choosing of destination carefully -Where you go has a big effect on your environment. Choosing the right destinations help you to know to clarify your need for items and helps in utilizing the things of nature.

4)Choose carbon-free travel – As per the travel requirement, we must choose our transport. For providing a positive impact on environment we can use cycles, electric vehicles etc.

5) Prioritize Animal & Plant Welfare – Wildlife is a vital part of our environment. Poaching and Hunting should be avoided. We should make sure that we’re not purchasing souvenirs that are made from animals (turtle shells, ivory, coral products, etc).

6) Limit energy use and conserve water – The staggering amount of both energy and water used by travellers negatively impacts locals much more than most travellers. More the expensive hotels more the consumption of energy and use of chemical products.

7) Give Back – Besides self travelling, we can travel for the purpose such as cleanup events, you can donate supplies, involve in plantation activities and join public awareness campaign.

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