‘Friends’ Turns 25!

One of the greatest sitcom Celebrated it’s 25th aniversary and still people are more crazy about this TV series. It was filled with originality. Every little details of it was so perfect and unique. Be it the characters, their cliche dialogues,punch lines,their costumes and fashion….ANYTHING!.

You watch an episode of any sitcom,Once-you laugh,Twice you laugh a little,Thrice-ehh whatever. But with FRIENDS its not the same. You watch it for the millionth same, you still laugh as hard as you did the first time! The stories and situations are such that individual can relate with themselves.We can see a part of us in each character.Some of us are Geeky like Ross,may be Sarcastic and insecure like Chandler, Kid at heart like Joey , Love expensive stuff and carefree like Rachel ,weird and crazy like Phoebe and OCD and caring like Monica.This may be the reason we still love this sitcom a lot.

On a journey of love, friendship and humor.If you have not watched friends, you are missing out something in life.

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