Is losing a victory?

Its never that we lose. Its just that sometimes we win more and sometimes we win less. The one thing we should keep in our mind is that we wont give up no matter what. “NEVER GIVE UP” one of the most cliché phrases but yeah, very important note to set our mind into.

You must be familiar with J.K Rowling, right? But only few of you may know about the phases she had been through. What if I tell you that she tried to commit suicide once upon a time?Well, believe it or not but its the truth. Let me tell you from her story how loosing turned into a victory in life of Rowling.

J.k. Rowling was a single mother. You can imagine how tough this challenge of life can be! Just three years before the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, life didn’t stop throwing things to the face of Rowling. When she was shopping it out, she was so poor she couldn’t afford a computer or even the cost of photocopying the 90,000-word novel, so she manually typed out each version to send to publishers. When they were “sleeping”, she struggled to stay “awake”.  It was still rejected two dozens of times but she didn’t stop. A woman who was about to give up during her teenage had then become something unbreakable like diamond and finally Bloomsbury, a small London publisher, gave it a second chance after the CEO’s eight year-old daughter fell in love with it. This turning point gave her a big success.

Today may not be your day but one day! You just need a chance and a blessed karma of course. Just don’t loose hope and never give up. Lift your chin up and keep trying! Who knows if you are next J.K Rowling?

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