Nightlife in Kathmandu

Nightlife is vibrant and beautiful. It includes pubs, bars, nightclubs, parties, live music, concerts, cabarets, theatre, cinemas, and shows. Nightlife entertainment is often more adult-oriented than daytime entertainment. The most exciting cities in the world are usually the ones with an adventurous, cutting edge nightlife culture.

Night culture in Kathmandu is pretty different. “Crowded city” turns to “silent city”. There’s something going on at all hours of the night. Cities are always alive, moving, booming. That’s because cities are about what’s happening now, not yesterday. And the flavor of the local nightlife can tell you a great deal about what’s going on in pop culture. Night life makes city an intresting place to live in. Thamel area in Kathmandu is best to experience light life. You can see lots of pubs, nightclubs, bars etc over there.

I personally find nightlife as a work of art which offers us the chance to experience new ideas in art, culture, performance, fashion, music, food and all the rest. In Kathmandu in terms of music, clubbing, and dining you can find whatever you like. If you are in Kathmandu or planning to visit Kathmandu, don’t forget to enjoy nightlife over there!

In this blog, I will be listing out top five best rock bar pub in Kathmandu Valley.

Purple Haze

It is located in  Prayatan Marg Road Thamel. Here, you will get an amazing cuisines along  pretty big hall where you will have good open space for showing some moves. Especially on the weekends they might charge you for entry fee, that is less than five hundreds. But you will get complementary drinks. 

Sam’s Bar

This is the bar that strictly only serves drinks and you will not find any food on their menu. The vibes at Sam’s is as chill as they come, complemented by a scrubbish décor you can’t go wrong if you step in here for a drink with your buddies.

Paddy Foley’s Pub

It is located just in front of Kathmandu Guest House. It is a small rock bar nut pretty comfortable. You can enjoy live music with no disturbance of blocking the performance. If you feel too noisy you can try for tables on the rooftop anytime. If you are in big group (more than five), this place is not for you.


Mezze is situated in Kathmandu’s swankiest address in Durbar Marg and has a view of the Narayanhiti Palace, Best reason to go for Mezze is that, they serve you up with wicked wood-fired pizzas and serve every concoction of cocktails and mocktails you can think of.

Tom & Jerry Pub

It is located in Chaksibari Marg Road Thamel. There is no such live music here in Tom & Jerry Pub but there are two pool tables. You can order your drink and start playing pool. You can find crazy dance floor and pool table on same hall.

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