Best Compact Cameras for travel in 2019/20

While Travelling here or abroad,whether on land or sea—it’s tempting to ditch your camera.The best travel cameras must be portable, versatile and capture great quality pictures.It is often said that key to happiness is investing in experiences instead of things, and travel provides the most enriching experieces of all. and we pick our favorites. Exploring the world with a good travel camera can help you bring back vacation images and memories that will stand the test of time. We pick some of our favourites based on following features;Size & weight,Mega Pixels,Aperture,Manuel Settings,Zoom Range HD/4K video,WIFI/Bluetooth,Interchangable lenses and sensors.

1) FUJIFILM X-T3 – For traveller who wants the best model over view. Full-mechanical dual core settings, Wi-Fi, electronic viewfinder, cinema 4K video, weather-sealed emulations and varieites of emulations.

2) SONY RX100 VI 2)-It is more favourable for ultraweightlight travellers. Wi-Fi, pop-up electronic viewfinder, 24 frames per second burst shooting, phase-detection autofocus, 4K video, pocket size, super-slow-motion video, tilting screen with selfie mode

3) LEICA Q- It is good for luxary travellers who demands the best in build quality and optical excellence. Superb manual focus control, fantastic optical stabilization, macro mode via physical lens shift, Wi-Fi

5)OLYMPUS TG-5-It is perfect for waterfriendly travellers. Wi-Fi, advanced GPS, super macro modes (microscope-like), underwater mode, 4K video, interval shooting, waterproof to 50 feet.

6) PANASONIC G9-It is godd for backpackers. Pixel shift 80 megapixel high-res mode, 60 fps shooting with electronic shutter, dual IS system, top LCD info panel, durable weather sealing,

7) SONY RX10 IV- Perfect for those travellers who don’t like switching lenses. The RX10 IV is classified as a super-zoom camera with a wonderful 24-600mm equivalent lens.  Wi-Fi, pop-up electronic viewfinder, 24 fps burst shooting, high-speed phase-detection autofocus, 4K video, pocket size, super-slow-motion video. 

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