Goldstar Shoes – Made In Nepal

A person can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the person.Everyone prefers comfortable footwear in affordable price. In the context of Nepali brand GoldStar is becoming synonymous to footwear. From young star to the old age group it has been the best choice for them.The footwear industries lunched in the mid-1970s was the first and core business of Universal group .The group has established itself as the biggest footwear producing group in Nepal.

The main reason the GoldStar shoes are popular today is due to its Durability, Quality, and Affordability.Previously people used to think that GoldStar shoes lack design and style but now we can see GoldStar shoes come out in different styles,colors and price. The company never used huge advertisement campaigns for its products but slowly it is focusing in it’s advertisement to make it more visible over market.Some of the most loved and extremely popular GoldStar shoes are The Classics,BNT 2, G10 series,GS Series ,JB series,GoldStar Football Shoe series and many more. Another sole reason for GoldStar popularity is ,People from different places, seasons, economic classes, age, and gender can be able to consume the products.

In a developing country like Nepal, Goldstar has won the hearts of the general public as people don’t have to think twice about purchasing the shoes in terms of its quality as well as price and of course it’s a Nepali brand.It’s G for Good for GoldStar Shoes.

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