How to be an Extrovert?

The struggles that an introvert has to go though is difficult to define. The hardship is real. Little things that don’t bother extroverts — like hanging out in groups, unexpected phone calls, and being put on the spot — can chip away at your energy. Becoming more of an extrovert will help you to be more engaging and make more friends.

Here are few tips for being extrovert and live life to the fullest:

Figure out whether you are introverted or shy

Introverted people are painfully shy. Try coming out of your comfort zone. Be a little extra than you actually are. It all takes little by little steps.

Take a personality test

The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, one of the biggest tests to use the introvert/extrovert dynamic, has to be administered by a professional. However, there are several versions of the test that are free online. They aren’t as comprehensive or professionally valid as the MBTI, but they can give you an idea of where on the introvert/extrovert continuum you usually fall.

Stand in front of your mirror

Mirror is indeed your best friend. Try talking by standing tall and confident in front of mirror. You can try cracking some kind of jokes or anything. Feel the presence.

Make new friends

This is the most difficult thing to do for an introvert. I recommend you to join some classes which can be singing, cooking or can be dance class. Be in new group, meet new people.

Realize that it is very difficult

This kind of mindset is really important. Just concern on one thing that, no matter how difficult it be, always push yourself and never give up.

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